W69St Block Assn


Organized in 1969, the W69St Block Assn serves the blocks of W69 St between Central Park West and Broadway in New York City. All residents automatically become members. Our elected Steering Committee manages funds, organizes events, publishes our newsletter, and supervises this website. With the exception of a few services, all work is done by volunteers.

We are affiliated with the NYC Federation of Neighborhood and Block Assns, which has named W69St as 2009 Honoree. Ours is the oldest block association on the Upper West Side and one of the most active in the city. W69st Block Assn raised the money to plant all the trees on the block and now pays for their care. We host block parties and also support local charities. Residents are urged to get involved and join the many smart, talented, and helpful people who live here!

Thanks, Jeanne Martowski!

Jeanne Martowski is retiring as the chair of the W69St Beautification & Preservation Committee after nearly forty years of service. Jeanne has passed the chairmanship of the committee on to Napua Davoy.


When Jeanne Martowski and her husband Dave moved to W69ST, their children were young and most of our trees were as well. Since then the block has flourished, and much of that improvement is due to the energy and persistence of Jeanne for all these years:


Jeanne is the one who has spearheaded all our fundraising for beautification, and she has managed those funds so we have always had the money for caring for our trees and the treepits. We used to have to pay for the replacement when a tree was damaged or dead, but now the Parks Dept does that, citywide. Jeanne has been our contact person for all of that work done by the city. It often takes multiple calls to get damaged branches trimmed or to get us in line for a replacement tree.


Jeanne also managed the campaign to replace our dilapidated lampposts with bishop’s crook lampposts, and handled the entire process of ordering and installing commemorative plaques, whenever the Steering Committee voted to honor a significant contributor to the block. (The next plaque to be installed will honor Bob Anderson, illustrator of our cards and mugs.)


Jeanne is the one who has ordered the plants each spring and provided for the refurbishment of the soil. In addition to working with block volunteers to plant the treepits each May and cover them with greenery each winter, Jeanne is the one who has tried to keep the watering service reliable—sometimes a very difficult task.


Jeanne, together with Landmark West, campaigned to get our neighborhood designated a historic district. This work alone has contributed to property values on our block, as of course has the maintenance of our trees. Jeanne also represents W69St, speaking at the NYCity Council and Community Board 7 meetings about various issues affecting our community.


It’s hard to believe that Jeanne has had time to do anything else, but she continues to work with organizations that educate female inmates, and began a program to help released inmates reunite with their children. Jeanne has been a strong and energetic force for beauty on W69 ST and may we continue preserve all that she has done!


We had a wonderful party March 21, and the generous sponsors gave us gifts that allowed for our most successful raffle ever, adding funds to the Beautification of W69St.

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